Subject: Re: CDG Airport - Air in, train out?
Hi Lesley,

My only experience with train travel from CDG was, unfortunately, something of a negative one, but only because of connection hassles.

We had reservations on a train from CDG to Marseilles that was scheduled to leave about 2 1/2 hours after our scheduled arrival time, getting us in to Marseilles at about 10:00pm. This was going to allow us to get a good night's sleep (neither of us sleep on planes) and then be all set to begin our three weeks in Provence. Great planning, huh? Since we had a non-stop flight from San Francisco, I figured we'd have no problem making the connection. Wrong!

Our flight left about 2 hours late and I stewed all the way about missing the connection, which of course we did. Our only alternative, other than waiting for a chance for the next day's train, which was scheduled full, was to take a bus to one of the train stations in Paris (Gare de Lyon, I think) to catch the overnight train to Marseilles. We opted for that, which meant a long rush-hour bus ride, followed by a ticket-hassle, followed by a wait at the station, capped off with a mobbed milk-run train ride (I remember a lot of crying babies). No sleep for a second night, and we got into Marseilles at 5:00am. Luckily, our hotel had a room available (we had been charged for it anyway), so we immediately slept for about 6 hours, which, combined with the jet lag, threw our sleep patterns off for a week.

What was your question again?

Ok, I rambled a bit but your email reminded me of what is now just a funny party story.

My only point is that, at least two years ago, the train service from CDG was very limited, and I advise you to leave plenty of time for the connection. I love riding trains in Europe, especially the ones with seats in compartments. I always feel that Hercule Poirot is going to pop out and begin an investigation at any moment. But I've found that, even with the extra cost, the convenience of having a car can't be beat (although one pays a premium to pick them up at airports.)

Have a great trip (we did), Al Sonoma, CA, USA