Subject: Re: CDG Airport - Air in, train out?
Hey Leslie,

Last summer -- we caught the TGV from CDG to Montpellier. We flew into CDG on American (Terminal 2) and walked to the TGV which is also in Terminal 2.

When we arrived -- there were a number of teenagers with red shirts on that spoke perfect English that asked if we needed help. (I didn't think we were that ODD walking through an airport with a MAP!!)

We did not have to go to the baggage claim area because we did not check any luggage (we travelled light -- backpacks only).

You can request a map from one of the information desks in CDG. Or do like we did... and print out an online map of CDG. Here is a pretty good CDG map (the site is not in English, but the map is).

A reservation for the TGV is required. Call Rail Europe at 800/438- 7245 to do this. We made train reservations for all the train travel we were planning to do in the first few days of our trip before arriving in Europe... including the TGV. Just for some peace of mind... and not wanting to hang around in the train station for long (unplanned) periods of time.

Have a wonderful trip!