Subject: Re: Trains: Bath to London
Hi Debbie

You can certainly just buy a ticket and travel from Bath to London as there are trains at least every half and hour. But this is the most expensive way to travel by train. The problem in Britain is that there are many different train companies with different price bands and the whole thing is a bit of a mess! I've just had a look on the train site for Wessex trains and they have prices from Apex (17) to Supersaver (26) to saver (31) to a standard (39) all these prices are single Bath Spa to London Paddington. I would think the best thing to do is book your ticket as soon as you arrive in England and then you will get one of the cheaper tickets - different companies have different regulations for how far in advance you need to book for the cheaper fares. As with all these fares there is a certain allocation for each train but with the trains so frequent it should not be a problem. I'm happy to find out more if you need to know anything more specific See you soon!

Sally Somerset UK