Subject: Re: Trains: Bath to London
Hi Debbie

Sally pretty much said it all when she pointed out that there are different train companies with different price ranges and different advance booking requirements to receive discounts.

I usually travel Midland Mainline when in the UK, and they have required a week's advance purchase to receive a *significant* discount when traveling first class, which I recommend. Since I usually don't have a week after arriving in London before needing to travel by train, I find it useful to buy my train tickets in advance to take advantage of the generous discount.

Midland Mainline has an Internet site and I make my ticket purchases online there before leaving the US. The train company holds the ticket for me for pick-up at St. Pancras station in London, my departing point. All I have to do is show the credit card I used to purchase the tickets online to get them.

It may be worth your while to check out if the train lines you may be traveling on offer a similar online ticket purchase service. I found it saves time, money, and assures getting the seat you want.

-- Mary Ann Fairfax, Virginia

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