Subject: RE: Boston GTG
Hello, all!

Boston GTG was great fun! Tom, I'm glad to see you have so many Frequent Ziner Points now banked for future trips, after the successful bathroom remodel. It didn't matter that it was raining, I still walked from Fenway Park to Cambridge &gawked to my heart's content. Best way to see a city! I surely did enjoy meeting old &new friends!

In case I get more grief on this one, this is my official announcement that THE STAMP BOOK was delivered. Whew.

Michele &I had a marvelous ramble thru Boston's Northend, including a couple of pub stops: one at Cafe Paradiso for some smoooooth libation &evesdropping on the Italians, one at an Irish pub where an impromtu ceilidh ( don't know the Irish word) was nice background. We stocked up on pastry at Bavo's, then finished off with dinner at a fish house. Can't remember the name; I'm the vegetarian! Next morning we sat amongst the bleary-eyed residents of the hostel to watch Spain squeak by Ireland in the World Cup. I've never seen so many people watching TV at a hostel before &it was an international crowd. Thanks, Michele, I see a new passion (I need another passion?) in my life: soccer!

I stopped on the way back to Oregon for a few days with a friend in San Diego (sorry, John, no time for a GTG; next time!) &already I'm scheming for the next GTG I can join.

And now it's obvious that my tag line isn't just make-believe!

Gail In Eugene but never for long