Subject: Re: Beaune, FR
Well, Lou, Beaune in the fall sounds wonderful!

We were there for one day in the summer of 1996 and realized it was a place we need to return to. We will be spending two nights in the town this year.

Along those lines, I would love some opinions. We can get a pretty good deal at Le Cep (which I have been to, though not stayed, and know is lovely) of $144 per night. The thing is, this is a rather impromptu trip, and we are trying to cut back when and where we can. I'm wondering if there is anything maybe not AS nice but still good in the actual town of Beaune. I know of a hotel called Hotel De La Cloch, which is only about $58 a night, and I have also heard of something Tulip.

If these are HUGE steps down and people feel Le Cep is worth it, then $144 is not undoable, but since we are going to be on a wine tour and wandering the town most of the time we are there, I am wondering if it is worth it.

Thank you so much.