Subject: Re: Beaune, FR
Hi Tiffany,

last year in October I was in Beaune for one night. As I was rather tired and had a lot of driving the next day I went to bed rather early so I can't say much about restaurants. On the next morning I visited the Hospice - and managed to be the first one in - with some fog in the courtyard and the most wonderful possibilities to take pictures inside the halls and from the outside. Kind of mystery atmosphere. IIRC it opened at 9 am.

Practical things: I stayed at the Hotel Tulip Inn Athanor Centre which I found a good thing for me. Room was ok, breakfast not special - perhaps it would be better to go to a cafe or a bakery, price fine for me - but perhaps you just aks yourself at [+33] - as Tulip is a chain there might be special prices - the telephone number is of the hotel not of the central reservation though.

The best thing about the hotel was that it is in the old part of town but nevertheless a short walk from the Hospice e.g. - but this also provides the parking problem. It was ok for me cause overnight parking on the streets was free and also it was free for two hours iirc so I could leave my car just opposite the hotel til at least 10 am - perhaps it was even longer. After that I could have paid for the following hours but I started before lunch heading home (I'm from Germany) so that was no big problem. If you stay more than one night I'd inquire at the hotel about better possibilities.

hth Baerbel.