Subject: Trip to Scandinavia
Hi Chitra,

Ive just read your message. How many weeks are you planning? One week is very short and especially, you are traveling by train and you have a website with schedules of trains in Scandinavia...have a look in the archives of the Travelzine.If you are staying in Copenhagen, take a trip on the canals and just walk around (Nyhavn,Amalienborg,the lakes, Frederiksberg with marvelous old houses and a small village just ten kms from Copenhagen Drag#r). You dont need a car in Copenhagen, you can hire a bicycle. In Stockholm, discover the old city and I recommend you to visit the archipelago with thousand of small islands. You can leave Stockholm and have a dinner on a close small island. Oslo is the most austere city and the best way to go to there is by boat but it takes 14or 15 hours.I did it in 1975. You can enjoy nature around Oslo and the Vigeland Park.

If you want more details, Im ready to inform you.


Pierrette Dresden