Subject: France Train Travel
Hi Ziners

I know this subject has been discussed recently on the Zine, but I am still confused. What exactly is the difference between 1st &2nd class train travel in France? We have always traveled 1st class but we are traveling with another couple this September who are on a budget and we would like to accommodate them, if possible, for our ride from Paris to Avignon. The only time we used 2nd class was in Italy and the trip was terrible - people jammed in the aisles with no seats, sitting on their luggage which was spread everywhere - a very negative experience. As I understand the rules, you buy a ticket and you reserve a seat separately, for an additional charge. What could possible be the difference to warrant the large price increase? Does everyone have a seat or are we likely to see the same stuffed aisles and does this occur in 1st &2nd class? One of our traveling companions has a severe back problem and not having a seat would be disastrous. If anyone can explain any reason why we should not go 2nd class under these circumstances, I would be grateful.

Felice Toronto, Ontario