Subject: Re: France Train Travel - another question
Hi everyone

I am traveling with my wife to Zurich and then on to the Dolomites for a week. Coming back I drop my car at Chur and pick up the night train to Paris where I spend a second week.

I just received my tickets for IR 468 from Chur to Paris leaving at 21:16 arriving at 06:46. It is a night train and I booked a double sleeping compartment. As I have never done this before, I have a question. (I just emailed them on this but thought that someone here may already know the answer.)

1. I can not determine what car I will board and the ticket does not seem to have this information. Am I missing something?

2. How do I determine what sleeping compartment to use? Are they numbered? Or do you just pick one out?

I hope that someone has done this and will be able to fill me in on the proper procedure.

Thanks in advance: