Subject: Re: Travel in Europe
Hi Marta & George;

Renting a van/car in Germany and returning it in Switzerland or maybe Milan, Italy should be possible, if that is your question. I have used Hertz and AutoEurope (which endup being Eurocar.) There will be a drop-off fee.

Last year, both of the compaines did not charge a drop-off fee if you rented in one country and returned it to the same country. Therefore, you might consider exploring the cost of the drop-off fee versus train tickets from, say Munich, Germany to Milan, Italy.

Do watch dropping off in Italy, as you may have a rental and/or insurance problem. Hertz did not allow me to rent in Switzerland and drive in Italy. I probably could have purchased mandatory insurance coverage, but most of the time I would not have been in Italy during the rental.

Wil Orlando, Fl