Subject: Cheddar, Wells and Somerset GTG
Hi Richard The car park Baerbel mentions is short term parking - one hour I think - between the hours of 8am-6pm - and as long as its not market day! Outside those hours there's no fee or time limit. Most of the time you pay to park most places in England - too many cars and not enough space! There are 2 public car parks just a few minutes walk from the Cathedral - well signposted from the main routes into Wells. Wells is so small everywhere is pretty close. I'll tell you exactly where these are when we organise the GTG! Tea in Wells on the 28th August would be perfect. If the weather is good (this is what we prefix every plan with in England!) its lovely to take a picnic into the Bishop's Palace and sit by the river watching the swans ring a bell for their tea! The refectory in the Palace is atmospheric and does tea, cakes etc. I'll do a check to see if anything is happening - there is often an exhibition by the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen in the Bishop's Palace around this time. I've driven through the Cheddar Gorge but not walked along the top - be prepared - its not like the French gorges and obviously nothing like the dramatic landscapes of your beautiful home country. Cheddar is quite touristy and slightly tacky - cheese, caves etc! In the next couple of weeks I'll take a drive up there, check out Wells and Cheddar for any bright ideas - when you live in an area you often don't think about what you see every day. Glastonbury is a good trip if you are interested in mystic goings on and King Arthur! A walk up the Tor on a sunny day is lovely. I'll get back to you

Cheers Sally Somerset UK

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