Subject: Women Welcome Women World Wide
Hi Everyone,

The topic of the organisation 5W Women Welcome Women World Wide was recently mentioned.

I have been a member of this organisation for one year and have been very impressed. It costs 25 pounds to join and in return you receive a member list and some newsletters. There are members all over the world and many events are organised - plus you may even find that there is a local group in your own county that organises events and produces a newsletter (you may pay a bit extra to receive this newsletter). I know in The Netherlands & Belgium a local group exists and regular day trips, gatherings and Youth Hostel weekends have been arranged.

Although some members offer accommodation to members for a couple of days the organisation is not just about free accommodation. It is supposed to be about cultural experiences and meeting members of a different background etc. Some members will just meet you for a coffee when you're passing through their town and maybe they'll show you around. The membership listing clearly indicates what each member is happy to do for 5W members.

At the moment I do most of my travelling with my partner and quite a few members of 5W welcome members to bring their husbands along which is great.

If you do join 5W then they have an e-mail group (similar to this) that you can join.

I did obtain forms for the SERVAS organisation but in comparison it was expensive and we would have to travel to the other end of the country to have our interview - plus we stayed with an overseas SERVAS member (via another hospitality scheme) who tried to give the impression it was some elitist organisation (which it certainally is not) and was not impressed by his attitude at all. Anyway that's just our experience but I believe each county has a SERVAS representative and you just obtain the forms via them.

Happy travelling

Paula (In The Netherlands)