Subject: Re: private railroads in France
Hello, I was also quite surprised about the mention of private railroads in France, of which I was not aware. Then Andrew mentioned the railway from Nice to Pigne, i.e. the famous Train des Pignes (pinenut train -- so named at the time, because people used to joke that the machinists picked the pinecones from the trees while passing and used them to fuel the furnace). The line runs (4x a day) from Nice to Digne and v.v., today as a single carriage passenger train with diesel engine. It's a 151 km run that takes 3 h 10 m, not so much because it's a slow train, but because of its many stops. It's a tourist train, but also used by locals.

In the Var they are also busy resurrecting an abandoned line. Friends of mine had their eyes on an old, unused train station (those can be very romantic in France). The owners assured them that the rail tracks were abandoned. A week later I happened to read in the local newspaper about the advanced activities surrounding the abandoned line. One of the planned stops? You guessed it. Imagine a hundred or so tourists getting off the train at your doorstep 4+ times a day.