Subject: Boston GTG
Well two sets of guests have been and gone since Saturday the 22nd, and I now have a chance to remember how much Kirk and I enjoyed the GTG in Cambridge. As always, it was such a pleasure to put faces with names, and share the joys of travel together.

Thanks once again, Don and Linda, for putting us together with so many interesting and fun people around the globe.

Packing for Italy- Anne in VA

Mod's Note: Thanks for your message, Anne. As you know, Don and I went up the Maine coast and into New Brunswick and Quebec before returning home last evening. The trip was enjoyable despite the uncooperative weather. Delicious lobsters have a way of obliterating any negative feelings the weather may have evoked. Have a great time in Italy and thanks again for coming to the GTG, which we enjoyed also. Ziners are GREAT people! Love, Linda