Subject: Re: Talking about amenities - hats
Hi Ziners,

I've long given up collecting those amenities, too many in the cupboard.

What I do collect now is hats. My partner and I have about 50 from 40 different countries. Pride in the collection are a Buddhist lama's yellow hat bought in a bazaar in Dharamsala in India, a strange woven Korean affair with detachable Mickey Mouse ears attachments and a Russian border guard hat. The Russian military, police and border guard forces go for those shiny peaked hats with tops as big as dinner plates. I picked this one up in a store last month in Pyatigorsk, (Russian Caucasus). The store was selling a variety of military uniforms and I had my pick of hats. For a few extra roubles I got all the badges and some gold braid. I kept it hidden though.

good travelling,

Patrick Horton