Subject: Re: Talking about amenities
Hi Linda,

Some time ago I learned that Safeplace (for abused Moms and kids) loved to have our accumulated amenities. It helps with their expenses and also gives the Moms something a little special to use for their grooming. I know a lot of my friends who live other places do the same, so I suspect a lot of Ziners donate theirs to similar projects. It's an easy way to make things a little better for some folks who can use it.

However, I must confess, after staying with friends at the Waldorf Towers a few years ago, I was happy to squirrel away the amenities. They are a nice reminder of a special time. And if you count them as amenities, I always keep match folders from the places I stay or dine to bring home to my daughter-in-law who collects them.

Glad you are back home and had a great trip,

Lou (TX)