Subject: Re: Talking about amenities
I recall this topic from another discussion list, and we all wondered if taking the ammenities ultimatly added to the cost of lodgings.

Recently at a convention I got a partial answer. A Kiwanis Club in Massachusetts was collecting the ammenities for a project (more about that below) and they had the same question. So they asked one of the big hotels about it. Not significantly was the reply and the hotel manager encouraged them to continue collecting for the project.

So here's what they do with the soaps, shampoos, lotions, pens, and notepads: They send them to an orpanage/school in Grenada.

Anyway the folks in Grenada really like having the little bottles of stuff. They even refill them because its a way to personalize the products so the the children feel they have something of their own. Also it keeps the kids from using too much shampoo.

They also use the empties for paint and glue in so that the children can have there own little bottles for craft projects.

The refilling sounds like a great idea for at home too--whether it's for children or for your own craft projects.

BTW, I do take the ammenities on occasion. I always have a set in my travel kit for those times when none are provided or when I don't like the brand provided. At home I frequently raid my travel supply because I'm a terrible shopper and foget to buy stuff. We also like to have them on hand for guests.

Martha in Connecticut (Formerly in California)