Subject: Istanbul
I'm really getting excited - just one week until we are Turkey-bound. Thanks, Collette, for the great information. My hubby is a real worry- wort, so he was especially glad to receive your news.

We will probably do most of our explorations of the city on our own or with a small group of relatives. We plan to take the trip up the Bosporus, plus a day trip to Troy. I understand it's rather disappointing, but when you're so close to something you;ve studied all your life, it's irresistible! No real plans, just wing it day-to- day. Sounds like heaven!

Our daughter returned from SE Asia a couple of weeks ago and we just met her for lunch with the photos today. Beautiful! I can't wait to see the videos. Naturally, she kept us updated by email, but hearing her explain in person how they bribed their way across the border from Viet Nam into Cambodia was even more amazing. Sounds like receiving the visa from VN into C. 2 days late is a regular occurence. After running around making the travelers nervous, one guard came back with $20 written on a piece of paper. Kathryn thought, What the heck, everyone barters for everything else here, so she wrote down $10. The guard went running away and came back with $15 written, they agreed, and went merrily on their way. I don't think I'd have had the nerve to barter at that point!I guess it's something I'm going to have more practice with soon. I'll let you all know when we return.

Judy Kniep