Subject: New member from Sydney, Australia
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome, Michael!

My name is Michael Myers. I currently live in Sydney Australia where I am employed by NCR Australia Pty Ltd. As a Service Manager. I am married and have 2 daughters 1 24yrs and 1 22yrs old.

Travel has always been apart of my life, travelling through all the eastern states of Australia on a number of occasions. I have also spent 3 years living and travelling through PNG. Also traveled through the North island of New Zealand. In Dec. 1990 my family and 2 friends spent 6 weeks driving around the USA travelling up the west coast across to the east coast down to Miami and back via New Orleans, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and LA to Hawaii then home. 10 and 1/2 thousand road miles on the main land.

In May June 2000 my wife, daughter and I and another family of 4 set off once again to the States for 6 weeks. Again travelling up the west coast as far as Vancouver across through the Canadian Rockies to Calgary the Mt Rushmore to Niagara Falls. New York, Washington and back through the middle to Grand Canyon. Vegas LA and home. Again around 10 1/2 thousand miles.

Current plans are to fly to Europe in Sept 2002. 2 couples. We will be picking up a motor home in Frankfurt and travelling through Netherlands. Belgium. Across to London. Back to France , Italy, Austria, Switzerland then to Germany and home. Total 4 weeks.

We love to travel getting out into the real world away from the cities and enjoy the locals and the country side.

Thanks for considering this application. Michael Sydney Australia