Subject: Vacation Ideas needed
Dear Ziners,

First, let me say that I really enjoy this list, the armchair travel, the international community, everything.

Now, to my quandry. It's not that I need ideas of places to go! I mean, we're Ziners, we all have a long list of places to go!

My daughter started summer daycamp this week, so I have time to do my planning for 2002-2003. I know, I plan ahead so I can get everyone on schedule. My daughter's Easter vacation 2003 begins on April 17. This is fantastic, since, as a tax preparer, I work every single day from early Feb through April 15. We always take family vacation beginning on April 18, even if it means taking Charlotte out of school.

My husband, who also works long hours, has expressed a preference for a more relaxing vacation in April. This year, we went to Puerto Rico, stayed at the El Conquistador resort. We hiked in El Yunque, swam, and visted the spa. Our daughter enjoyed two trips to the Kids Camp during the week, so my husband and had some time alone. I didn't exactly fall in love with the resort, but we did relax, and my daughter loved it. Last year we visited Walt Disney World, which we loved, to our surprise.

There are a number of places we'd like to visit soon. Anywhere in Canada, perhaps starting in Vancouver. Wouldn't April be too cold?

We are considering a Santa Fe, NM trip. I've visited there several times, but not for nearly 7 years. However, the mean temp in April is 47 degrees F. I recall a trip with my parents there as a teenager for Easter, I remember the weather was nice, not too hot. Charlotte is very interested in Santa Fe, she's interested in ancient cultures and art.

We have never traveled to Mexico, but we would like to see some Mayan ruins someday. any suggestions for a combination Ruin/Relaxation vacation?

My husband and I visited the Big Island of Hawaii last year. We'd like to go back with Charlotte someday, but I'll admit I'm put off by a 10 hour plane ride with a child. We'd want to try Kuaui, and my husband would want to hike and kayak.

I'd like to go to London and Paris, but my husband, while game for anything, finds urban destinations too stimulating after our busy season, but I'm hoping to go to Europe in June.

We'll take a few weekends to Michigan or Wisconsin this summer. Perhaps visit my brother in San Francisco in October for a long weekend, then a week in Virginia for Thanksgiving.

So, what do you suggest?