Subject: Venice
Just returned from 2 weeks in an apartment and thought I'd mention a few things that appealed in addition to the usual tourist fare. There are wine shops everywhere in Venice that few tourists know about because they are meant for home consumption. The wine is in small barrels - all types, not just red, white &pink. You bring in your own container to be filled and if you don't have one, chances are the proprietor will give you a plastic bottle/jug. Prices are EXTREMELY reasonable and they say it is much healthier since there are no sulfites added due to the fact that the wine isn't bottled and shipped. The shops that we came across and used don't have names or signs on the door but they are identified by a small wine cask sitting outside the shop when it is open.

Another treat is shopping the way the Venetians do when they don't want to pay the exhorbitant prices of the smaller shops. There is a free bus (BRIGHT blue or yellow) that leaves every 1/2 hour from Piazzale Roma for a HUGE shopping center in Mestre. It is a cross between a Super Target/Costco, but even more varied with food and a deli that is unbelievable. The bus will take you back to Venice, again every 1/2 hour, and will store your packages underneath like luggage if you get carried away.

Fun things if you're going to be there longer that the usual 1-3 days.

Joy Boulder, Colorado