Subject: Music festivals

Since I am more than busy this week as a volunteer at our marvelous Oregon Bach Festival, I was thinking about some of the awesome/funny/inspiring music festivals I've stumbled into around the world.

Here in Eugene, the Festival features German conductor Helmut Rilling &chorus/orchestras/soloists from all over the world. His direction of Bach's work is second to none & his ability to draw the best from choirs is legendary. And this year, in addition to conducting his score from Crouching Dragon/Hidden Dragon, guest conductor/composer Tan Dun will conduct the world premier of his new work, Water Passion after St Matthew's Passion.

Volunteering at a world-class event like this gives me a chance to be a superfan!

Until just now, I never thought of volunteering at a music festival somewhere else in the world. So, has anybody else done that? Or simply gone to music festivals that were especially memorable?

Gail In Eugene but never for long