Subject: Highways and autostrade

Maybe I wasn't very careful in putting the message together, as in my mind highway is automatically translated in autostrada. I understand in the US you have different kinds of fast roads with controlled access and no level crossing, with toll or free, so here's a small explanation:

Autostrada (I), Autobahn (D), Autoroute (F) all those are dual carriageway roads, reserved to motor cars, trucks and some more powerful motorbikes. They can be with toll or free, but they always have several lanes, exit and entering ramps, no level crossing of minor roads, speed limits higher than other roads.

Superstrada in Italy is basically an autostrada without toll, as the Firenze-Siena or the Cesena-Roma, but because of the usually more narrow carriageway the speed limit is reduced to 90 kph (officially, but many go as fast as in autostrada looking out for police radars).

There are also some belt-type dual carriageway roads around main cities, like Milan Tangenziale or Rome's Raccordo Anulare.

All the above roads are covered by the new law about driving with your headlights on in any weather.

Just for info, the other types of road are Strada Statale (State Road), Strada Provinciale (Local Road), Strada Comunale (Municipality Road).

I hope this helps.



PS now that I think of it, aren't UK autostrade called simply highways?