Subject: Land's End (was: Mevagissey as a Base)
Dear Richard (and all Ziners)

You wrote that you received two emails informing me that Lands End is a real tourist trap and not worth the effort, and I wanted to respond to that with a short description of our pleasant visit to Land's End. Land's End was Land's End, the most southerly point in England, long before developers decided to build a nasty tourist trap nearby. It (the beautiful tip of England) is still there, and a visit can be very rewarding; our's was.

If one eschews the developed area, which is quite contained, and takes to the cliff paths that skirt the tip of the peninsula, well then, one can forget what is to one's back and gaze out to sea, or enjoy a remarkable walk. If anyone wants to visit Land's End, I would suggest thinking of the area as it was before the development occured. What would one have done on such a visit? Walk, explore the cliffs and their crannies, watch the waves crash upon the rocks, see the wildflowers and other unusual flora growing along the coast trail, etc. All these solitary delights are still available, and the views are wonderful, as is the feeling that one is at the very forsaken tip of a nation, jutting into the sea, with the next land mass far, far away.

I thought our exploration of the real Land's End, not the development, was memorable and really quite nice. We did visit the development to use the rest rooms, but nothing more. If you go to Land's End, you can still enjoy the beauty of the land and sea. The developed area is largely hidden once you are on the trail that skirts the tip of the peninsula. You just have to keep your back to the junk on the hill behind you!

Debbie in Pittsburgh