Subject: Re: Mevagissey as a Base

I was in Cornwall in March and stayed in Falmouth it was a good location to see the gardens around the area

If you are wanting Lands end area why not Penzance it is charming and cute lots to see and do there is a great museum there that is world class the barbara hepsworth sulpure garden and the new Tate.

I did see a cute hotel right on the point but there is little to do right there and not far to drive to other places much more charming. Here is part of the itinerary for my trip in march . Hope it helps.

March 9th Saturday We travel via rail from Paddington Station to Plymouth. We were served a delicious lunch on board the train ala carte. When we arrived in Plymouth we were met by our driver guide . We did a tour around the historic area then head toward our hotel.

Our hotel The Penmorvah Hotel, owned by Peter and Cheryl Risely, for the next 4 nights was delightfully located in a country manor house. features included walking footpaths for the curious walkers in our group and great food! The food was the best part! . We were not expecting to have such beautifully presented &delicious meals served every night!. It was a most enjoyable treat for all.

March 10th Sunday

Today we started our day with services at Truro Cathedral and joined the congregation after services for coffee and met some locals One of the ladies worked for the National Trust and suggested we include the Treslick Gardens in our days outing.. We took her advise and had the rain not been against us we could have enjoyed even more..As it was it really primed us for the jewel of Cornwall... Tebah Gardens..such a delightful garden with lush vegetation and brilliant flowers, we stayed as long as we could But not wanting to miss dinner back at the hotel we reluctantly left. .

March 11th Monday

Cornwall is somewhat a Methodist center since a man by the name of Wesley came through here to preach. We stopped to see one of the places he like to preach at when in the area. An green grass covered amphitheater type setting As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Every wife had seven sacks. Every sack had seven cats. Every cat had seven kits. Kits, cats, sacks, wives ... How many were going to St. Ives?

Answer_ ...One ~ while the man and his wives and their sacks, cats, and kits were going from St. Ives, only the speaker - the I in the rhyme - was going to St. Ives.

When we got to St. Ives the Tate was closed for a re hanging of an exhibit but we had lunch there anyway and did get to tour the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Gardens and Museum.

The quaint village of St. Ives is home to some bumpy cobblestone streets, a large beach, a great cemetery facing the ocean. and lots of neat shops!

>From St. Ives we set off to see the Men Antol Standing Stones.. We walked about 20 min each way to get to the site and they are not large impressive stones as one would imagine but instead a curious 3 stones one a circle stone with a hole large enough that our guide crawled through. It was good exercise if not spectaular.

>From the stones to Lands End. We went the the ends of the land After we left Lands End we stopped at the Merry Maids stone circle and the Minack Theater grounds before we returned to our hotel that evening.

March 12th Tuesday

Today we went to the Pine Lodge Gardens and had a private tour with the owner. His newest venture was the Japanese gardens that were lovely. From here we stopped at a small fishing village that hosts film crews from time to time when old fashioned ships are needed in movies. This village is called Charles Town Harbour and we stopped at a local hotel for lunch while there. . From the harbour town we went a short distance to the Eden Project. This rather new groundbreaking project demonstrates the link between plants and people, and how we depend on plants for survival. 35 acres of 'Biomes'.

This is the worlds largest greenhouse. It will be better in a few years..

March 13th Wednsday

Leaving Falmouth we prepare to learn about Devon an her gale force winds and see some spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.. We stopped at Tintagel for a cup-a- tea and stretch our leg,. then continued on to Bude for lunch.

Finaly we arrived at Clovelly where it was downhill all the way .... until we got ready to go back up.

This fishing village is on the slant. ... No cars allowed it is strictly foot and skid ...

Then check in to our hotel the Queens Court Hotel where again we had a delicious meal.

March 14th Thursday

Early off to see Exeter Cathedral and then the Guildhall where the keeper of the sword gave us a guided tour and told us a bit about the history of Exeter. Lunch on our own and most opted for the Ship Inn where Sir Frances Drake liked to visit and often did it seems.

After Lunch we met Bob and the coach at the hotel and headed off through the Dartmoor landscape to Buckfast Abbey where not much was going on,, no monks out or anything but we did make a few small purchases at the gift store and then off to a private guided tour of the Powerham Castle. Though it was not open yet for the season we had special permission to come in and view the rooms without furniture. Many movies and TV series are staged here it seems.

Powerham Castle

For dinner we went to a tiny hamlet called Doddiscombsleigh to the Nobody Inn. This is an award winning pub and it lived up to all our expectations.

March 15th Friday

Departing Exeter we are headed for Salisbury for the next two nights but first we make our way to Glastonbury for a drive through look see and stop for lunch and a tour of Wells Cathedral. A magnificent cathedral. full of history and style.

We toured Stonehenge in a light mist of rain and concluded our tour in Salisbury when we said good by to the driver and guide. Our hotel the Milford Hall Hotel was the best of our hotels as far as comfortable accommodations. The newest and most modern of the hotels. Good location. Easy walking distance to the city center or you could hop a bus for 50 p out front if you were not in the mood to walk. I did some laundry and then mailed some books home from the local post office.

Dinner at the hotel was great!

March 16th Saturday

Charlotte Strutt was our blue badge guide for Salsibury today. As a local she really knew the town and cathedral. We went into St. Johns Church the town parrish church and then went to the Cathedral. Because Saturday is Market Day we enjoyed the local sights and smells associated with the market.and had all afternoon free to do just that.

We met back at the hotel to walk together to the Evensong at 5pm and then at 7 we had dinner reservations at the Haunch of Venison a 15th century pub. (ghosts included )

Regards, Georgette