Subject: Re: Beijing/Vietnam/India/Morocco
Hi Joan,

Do you mean the Lijiang River that flows through Guilin? If so these are rather expensive boats and you can do much of the same trip out of Yangshuo by local boat. I did it last year. We cruised down the river surrounded by all those pointy peaks.

Yangshuo is a nicer place to stay than Guilin, it is smaller, quieter and has a lot of character. There are a lot of place that organise tours if that's what you want or you can hire a motorcycle taxi or bicycles. There's even an easy cave to go down, (with a guide), if you're adventurous. I suggest you read up on it in Lonely Planet and Rough Guide.

Glad to hear that you like India. In a few weeks I'll be back there again, fifth trip in five years. I've found it a very safe place to travel in, never had any real problems and have always felt at home. The confrontation between India and Pakistan will die down, neither side can afford to go or wants to go to war. Some of it is huff and puff for home consumption.

Happy travelling,

Patrick Horton