Subject: Re: Biarritz Surf Festival and Les Landes, France
Hello all and thanks Amelia,

Rarely do people associate Europe with surfing but there are some world class surf breaks on the Continent. In fact, a few years ago when we visited the Basque Country we purposely drove out to the little coastal town of Mundaka (near Bilbao) to pay homage to one of the world's great rivermouth surf breaks. Alas, the weather was not accomodating so we didn't paddle out (hadn't brought our surfboards either).

Interestingly enough the latest edition of National Geographic Traveler (July/August 2002) has an article about Les Landes, the département that lies between the Basque Country (to the south) and Bordeaux (to the north). Here the surf capital is Hossegor. According to the article the area is heavily forested with pine trees and boasts picturesque lakes. All in all it sounds like an intriguing locale and undertouristed.

I'm curious, have any of our Travelziners visited this portion of France?

John in San Diego