Subject: Re: Our Itinerary (mainly Alsace) Any advice?
Hi Doug,

some comments.

Even though Trier would well be worth a stop - I'd skip it. That day seems too full to me. And on German roads you might spend more time than you think in advance - take your time without too much stress if possible...

I'd recommend a stop between the area of Ronchamp (Franche Comte) and north of Paris. Last October e.g. I stayed in a wonderful B&B near Troyes (nice old part of town there with good restaurants, some very nice areas nearby).

If you have a B&B south of Rouen you'd be able to be at Giverny in the late afternoon and thus perhaps miss the most awful crowds? I think Chartres has a great cathedral and I loved the old town in the morning (before touristic rush hours)but I'd nevertheless suggest Giverny - but I must admit I love gardens. ;-)

I'm living near Stuttgart in the south west of Germany and from my place it's not very far to the Alsace. Occassionally I just make little excursions in our area and so there might be a chance of meeting. But as your week there is only some days after my annual holiday of this year it's hard for me to plan in advance. If you'd be interested we could exchange telephone numbers and perhaps arrange something ad hoc?