Subject: Annecy/Chamonix
Hi Tom,

So we share a partiality for Annecy and Chamonix. Yes, I was so glad to get to the top this time. When I was there before, we did the two cable cars but then couldn't go up on the elevator or outside the building as a storm was blowing in, and it wasn't judged safe. Such a disappointment. But this time made up for it. I used at least a roll of film, and the pictures would probably mean nothing to anyone but me, but when I look at them I think I will always have that awesome feeling I had when I was there.

Also, before, when we came down from the mountain, it was raining steadily in Chamonix, and about all we could do was search for a good restaurant and hustle in for lunch. We were quite successful at that, and I remember having some wonderful hot bread and soup (perfect for a cold, rainy day) and perfect Creme Brulee. Is that heaven, or what? I couldn't remember the restaurant to go back this time. Lost my bearings without the rain, but we found a good one and had our Tartiflette and wine sitting outside in a glorious, sunny day. Wonderful world!

Happy travels,

Lou (TX)