Subject: RE: New Member seeks Pricey Ideas!
Hello Fellow Dreamers:

Yeah, right. Now having said that, I think that one our best treats was the hiring of an understated, but still elegant black Bentley with a driver in London. We toured the Tower of London, Covent Gardens and then made a trip to Harrods. Harrods has an entrance which is used solely by those with limos dropping them off and picking them up. It features roping on both sides so that the limo set can go in and depart from Harrods without any hassle. My companions and I were dressed as though we were going to an afternoon cocktail party, e.g., blue blazers, etc. After shopping at Harrods for a few hours we came out the limo entrance and simply waved. Our driver, Terry, was at the entrance with the Bentley in an instant. As tourists looked on, the doormen assisted the placement of our packages into the boot of the Bentley, Terry opened every door on the vehicle, we sat and gave the royal wave as we departed. It was devilishly fun.

Tom ;-)