Subject: Pricey Ideas
Hello Suzanne,

I once read a report about l'Ecole des Chefs, part of Relais &Chateaux, where one can join the kitchen staff of a 3-star Michelin restaurant for 2-5 days. The price is $550 a day, either midday or evening shift, excluding lodging but including one staff meal in the basement or wherever the staff happens to eat. From the report I gathered that these are simple meals such as a platter of hard salami w. cornichons, french baguette &boxes of camembert cheese or a quiche, sometimes veal stew, etc., hardly 3-star repas. For drinks only water and coffee, because you're on the job. If you want to eat in the actual dining room, you can do so at a discount.

I think the $550 a day is excessive just to catch a glimpse of Charles Boyer or others. The website: