Subject: Happy 4th of July to the American Ziners worldwide!
Hi Ziners!

Happy 4th of July to all the Americans on the list!

As a friend of many Americans I had my 4th of July celebration here in Rome, joining the US community. I have been to a barbeque, taken in a sporting club. We spent the afternoon around the swimming pool, sunbathing and swimming, and with lot of beer and burgers! Then there has been a band (some Navy guys coming from the Naples base) playing music (lot of Jimmy Buffet stuff!), raffle, and again lot of beer! Finally the fireworks, just before midnight. Since the 4th is not a holiday here, we celebrated it on Sunday.

What did you guys do to celebrate? Are there celebrations in other countries as we had in Rome? For me this wasn't the first time celebrating an American holiday here, I do it every time since 5 years, but I can say for sure that I had a blast!

Ciao Flavio in Rome