Subject: Thanks!
Hi My daughter and I have just returned from a wonderful month in Greece. I would like to thank everyone in this group who contributed to the success of our trip. We spent about a week on Naxos ( recommended by Covadonga and others) and it is such a perfect little island, but each island has its own charm. The kitron liqueur produced only on Naxos is delicious and I regret not buying more to bring back to my friends. On the mainland, my favourite was the town of Nafplion; it is a gem. Needless to say, a first visit to a country usually impels one to try to see as much as possible and I am certainly guilty of that, but we did manage to intersperse our days of touring the sites and visiting museums with many frappe breaks in the sidewalk cafes and sessions at the beach. The temperatures were >35C and, since I live in Newfoundland where the temperature was 5C when we left, there was a bit of adjustment to make. Air traffic controllers, ferry operators, and transportation workers in Athens had wakouts and shutdowns while we were there, but fortunately we managed to avoid all of them. We also had a marvellous week in Venice where we met fellow Ziner Krystyna Hunt for an all too brief gtg. I would like to send a picture of our gtg to the photo section of the Travelzine but I am not quite sure how to do this, so if someone would let me know I would appreciate it.

Thanks again, Dolores St. John's, Newfoundland