Subject: Introduction from a ZINER in Sacramento
Hello Travelziners I thought I should introduce myself so that I can keep on receiving the e-mails. I belonged over a year ago but had a computer virus that caused major trouble.

I have lived in Sacramento, California most of my life. I am a retired government analyst & like to travel. I usually travel as a single with a tour group since I do not want to travel alone. I maintain contact with some fellow travelers for awhile but it always loses steam.

Over a period of 20 years I have visited 20 countries and there are so many more to go. In 1981 I went to Romania &Bulgaria. Even now I think of some experiences that make me want to write a book. I don't expect to be in a bus with the tour leader holding the whole group hostage until she got to go where she wanted. Or have threats of prison being held over the head of a friend because of a romance. We were behind the Iron Curtain when countries had oppression as the rule. It was a dramatic time made more intense by the tour leader's personality.

The only trip I have planned is in September, 2003 on the QE2 to London & the West End theaters. However, I hope to do 1 or 2 international trips before then. Until then I spend my time doing various activities in Sacramento.

By the way, if any travelers like Jazz Festivals then Sacramento hosts an International Jazz Festival every Memorial weekend. It has been going for something like 35 years &is highly successful.

Hope to read more travel news --


Fern Dale Sacramento