Subject: Introduction - New Member in Washington, DC
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Harold!


i live in wash, dc and, at various times, have been an inveterate traveler. our most recent significant trip was 2 months in africa in 2000 - my wife janet attended the AIDS conference in Durban and then we travelled in southern africa and east africa - highlighted by a day of chimp tracking. the travelogue of that trip is at

we spent 10 weeks in nepal, india and turkey in 1992 and 3 summer trips to Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador in the 80's. I myself did a year vagabonding back about 30 years ago and i/we have done many minor trips to mexico and all over the US. coming up in august will be several weeks based in Vienna - we'll spend time hiking in the Alps and visiting slovenia.

look forward to interacting on the list. i am also a member of hospitality exchange a small organization of people offering hospitality.

harold ...