Subject: Re: Travel in China
Hello everyone. I was so upset to see the Chinese government's plans for the lovely island of Lantau and it's main attraction, the world's largest bronze Buddha. According to the Canadian Globe and Mail, gone will be the hour long bus ride through peaceful tea plantations and a simple meal at the Po Lin Monastery. In will be a 17 minute cable car ride to base of the Buddha, hotels, fast food joints and karaoke. Construction expected to begin next June and be finished by 2005 in time for the grand opening of the Lantau Disney theme park in 2006! If the 'westernization' of PoLin doesn't appeal to you, go now! Be sure to take the bus to Tai O, Lantau's largest settlement where the Tanka boat people have settled in converted boats and stilt houses built over the tidal creek. In fact the best advice for anyone considering visiting China is to GO NOW! Regards,Sue