Subject: GTG in Paris - October the 12th !!!
Hello Ziners !

The 12 of October we will be having another Paris GTG. Don and Linda will be finishing their Europe trip, and some of us will join them. Evan Roth and Sally McCann will be attending, and we hope to meet more Ziners on that day. If you are planning a Paris vacation for the fall, think about it and join us. If you have never been to a GTG, and you happen to be in or near Paris on those days, this can be a great occasion.

The place hasnīt been yet decided. Two years ago we met at Au Bascou, in Rue Reaumur 38, but the suggestion box is open. Maybe a place in the Rive Gauche ?

Hoping to hear from more Ziners planning to join us (and if you donīt join us, send us your recommendations for the GTG dinner),

Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)