Subject: Re: English Lake District--Again

English Lake district.

I grew up there ! I haven't added to the thread because I've been away nearly 30 years ( no work).

Those keen on walking should buy the guidebooks called Guide to the Lakeland Fells by Wainwright.

They are in the form of his notebooks with sketches.

He grew up in industrial Lancashire, holidayed in the Lake District and fell in love with the area.

He then studied accountancy at night school, and ultimately became the borough treasurer in Kendal. A taciturn, quiet, man he loved the peace of walking the lakeland fells away from people.

Sadly, he died a few years ago.

How do I know ? ............. One of my first jobs in accountancy was the audit of his publisher. Even in 1971 his books were selling well worldwide. Available books by Wainwright are listed by Amazon at -

Peter Languedoc, France