Subject: RE: China/Vietnam/India/Morocco
Hi Joan, You've gotten some great info and suggestions for Guilin and Beijing - I won't elaborate too much. The one thing to note is that Guilin has been affected by severe flooding over the last few months (they were actually telling tourists to stay away) and you might see some adverse results even in October.

You mentioned Vietnam as well and I thought I'd make a few suggestions. Hanoi is our favourite large city in Vietnam and, since we try to stay away from western chains, we found a wonderful small 'boutique' hotel there called the De Syloia ( Seldom do we eat in hotel restaurants but this one is an exception, their food is superb!

If this is more than a business trip, I recommend going to Hue (the old imperial capital) and Hoi An as well (accessed easily from Denang airport). Bombed in the American War, many of the tombs along the Perfume R. near Hue are still intact and they are fascinating. Hoi An is a beautiful city, almost untouched by war, and the locals have done a great job preserving the whole city.

Selfishly, I hope that this is also a business trip and that you will be coming out with Eat Smart books on China and Vietnam in the future!

Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong