Subject: RE: England Countdown
Dear Debbie,

I can imagine you getting quite excited on your trip to the UK now. I always like to go back there. It has a special feeling for me.

Having lived in London for 8 years and guided much of my family and friends through the town to do the touristy bits, I can certainly recommend a few things during your visit.

I always find it very relaxing to take a boat trip on the Thames (boats from Westminster pier, opposite Big Ben), either to Greenwich and see all the sights of the city of London until you reach Greenwich (1.5 hours). There is a running commentary on the boats. At Greenwich time to look around and visit the place where time began before heading back to Westminster.

Alternatively you can take the boat the other way, towards Kingston, Kew Gardens and Hampton Court Palace to see a different (greener) bit of London. This trip is 2 hours or so.

Another nice thing to do and you can find information in most hotels (just ask the concierge) is a London Walk. There are various walks available with fixed starting points ranging from a route past houses of famous people, authors, historically important people and not forget Jack the Ripper walks in the East End.

Well have a great trip!


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