Subject: GTGs! (WAS: Berlin countdown)
Hi Covadonga,

You can bet we'll be waiting to read your impressions of Berlin and, of course, your restaurant recommendations. We'll be there for five days in September and will have a get-together with Pierrette during our visit (also in her current home town, Dresden). In Dresden, we will be joined for the week-end by Johannes, the Zine Webmaster and his wife, Sonja).

We are also looking forward to the Paris GTG with you, Sally, Evan, etc., and to getting together with Stefano and his family (Genoa) in Marseilles, Fabio and Cornelia (Locarno) in Zurich and Frieda (Provence) in Aix-en-Provence, if at all possible.

We are always available for get-togethers! If anyone would like to GTG while we are traveling in the Fall, our schedule is below. Please contact us by private email to make arrangements. Thanks!


BREMEN, arrive September 5, depart September 7, 2 nights HAMBURG, arrive September 7, depart September 9, 2 nights BERLIN, arrive September 9, depart September 14, 5 nights DRESDEN, arrive September 14, depart September 17, 3 nights NUREMBERG, arrive September 17, depart September 19, 2 nights KARLSRUHE, arrive September 19, depart September 20, 1 night


ZUERICH, arrive September 20, depart September 23, 3 nights BERN, arrive September 27, depart September 28, 1 night


STRASBOURG, arrive September 23, depart September 27, 4 nights ANNECY, arrive September 28, depart October 1, 3 nights AVIGNON, arrive October 1, depart October 5, 4 nights MARSEILLE, arrive October 5, depart October 7, 2 nights AIX-EN-PROVENCE, arrive October 7, depart October 10, 3 nights PARIS, arrive October 10, depart October 14, 4 nights

Cheers! Don and Linda