Subject: Re: Bath restaurants
Hi, Thought I'd chime in with some fairly recent experience. We were in Bath 6 months ago and without doubt the best restaurant now is Blinis. It's in the basement of a deli and was the best meal we'd had in 12 months and the price was high by Bath standards but well worth what we got (had a 7 course tasting menu for under 50). It had only just opened but I'm sure that by now reservations are essential. It's owned by the same team that once owned Lettonie - a 2* restaurant that was one of the finest in England, but closed because of the combined effects of foot &mouth and 9-11. It's an upscale bistro.

Also, keep an eye open for the Cadbury's store in Bath. They have a machine that will make a 'chocolate photograph' of any picture you bring in (it's completely edible; white chocolate border, milk chocolate base and the picture reproduced in food colouring). Apparently there are (were) only 2 of these in the world - they make great gifts.

If you have transportation and want a 'Grand Meal' consider Lucknam Park. It's a gorgeous old manor house with very formal dining. Jacket and Tie are essential. It's about a 20 minute drive from Bath. But you will be pampered - the service is perfection, the food was excellent and (for me an excellent feature) they had a good choice of wine by the half bottle. The price was reasonable for what we got - half London prices; 45 for a 3 course meal (choice of courses).

Alan Gardner