Subject: Introduction - New Members in Texas!
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Wendy and Eric!

Hi Ya'll!

My name is Wendy DeFeo - my husband (Eric DeFeo) and I are from Garland, Texas - a suburb of Dallas. Our family 'unit' consists of ourselves and our precious 3 yr old daughter, Savannah. We are planning a 10 day trip to Italy for the 1st of November (without Savannah). We have already booked airlines - but need help with lodging!! We located your website via Rick Steve's website. We want to dive into the culture of Italy and get to know the locals!!! So we would be so grateful for any information/tips regarding lodging, rail travel, eating, museums, etc!!

As for our travel experience - it is limited mostly to the states, although my husband and I have both traveled abroad, but before we knew each other!

Eric traveled to Europe with his family when he was in 5th grade (long time, huh!) - they toured London, Scotland, and Paris.

I traveled to Ghana, Africa 12 years ago and stayed a month. I would give anything to go back! I loved it so much! (my husband doesn't think I can rough it in Italy - but if one can rough it in Africa - I hope I can handle Italy!! :- ) On the way over to Africa, we had a 16 hour layover in London - so we left the Gatwick airport (where we arrived at 7 am!!) and toured London! We saw the biggies - walked through Hyde Park &St Regents, saw changing of guards, toured Tower of London, went to St. Paul's & Westminister, tried to make guards smile, etc - we hired a personal tour guide for the 1st part of the day to make the most of our 16 hours! She left us in Piccadilly Square, went to Harrods and we shopped until we literally dropped back into Victoria's Station and on to Gatwick.

Eric and I traveled together to Hawaii - twice - to Oahu and Kauai (our fav). Eric has been to Maui before. And if anyone needs help planning a Disney World vacation - please let me know - I would love to help!! That is our favorite destination - Savannah has been 3x in her 3 years of life. I have been 22 times since I was 8 and love to help people and give them tips, etc to get the most/make the most of their vacation there.

I guess that is all about our traveling - I hope I wasn't too detailed!! :-) We look forward to any help we can get - we are open to ALL suggestions and tips! Thanks for the opportunity to make some new friends and share travel experiences!

Sincerely -

Wendy, Eric, &Savannah DeFeo Garland, Texas, USA