Subject: Family Travel Idea - head for the mountains

I grew up in northeastern Oklahoma. We loved escaping the summer heat with a week or ten days in the Colorado mountains. We usually did the drive in one long day. Our favorite spot was (and still is) Snowmass. We rented a condo so we could cook our own meals and have extra space. There was a vast array of things to do - hike, bike, ride horses, take a float trip down the river, play golf or tennis, go swimming, visit Ashcroft an old mining town (now a ghost town), hang out in Aspen, soak in the hot tub or just do nothing at all.

Coincidentally, I was in Denver yesterday and saw in the Denver Post travel section that many condos were advertising special rates through the end of July. Wherever you go, I hope you enjoy the trip (and tell us about it on your return).

Mark Los Angeles