Subject: grand canyon and sedona, suggestions please
Dear Ziners,

First of all, thanks to everyone who responded to my latest Where to Go? post, especially John Rule whose suggestions regarding the Yucatan I took to heart, and have saved.

Yesterday I realized that I haven't been to the desert for several years, since our last visit to Santa Fe six years ago, and a desert vacation is what I crave. Now my plan is to visit the Grand Canyon and Sedona next April for Easter break. I'll have 9 or 10 days. While I have read past Zine posts regarding the North Rim, it doesn't open until May, so the South Rim it is. Neither my husband or I have been to the Canyon or Sedona before, and would be grateful for any suggestions you have. I have made reservations at El Tavor for three nights Easter weekend, I know they will be full soon for the holiday. Our daughter will be 8 by then, and an excellent hiker for her age. I plan to spend the rest of the week at a resort in Sedona, but which one? What books do you suggest?

I'm looking forward to your posts, thanks everyone!