Subject: Re: Cuba
Patrick, it is a few years since my trip to Cuba (March 1999). We took a cheap all inclusive trip to a resort near Ancon Beach near Trinidad di Cuba. It is a great area. The city is a UNESCO world heritage city as are the sugar mills nearby. We visited the mountains, hiked to a waterfall for a swim, visited a coffee farmer's home for a meal and snorkeled from the beach at the resort.Trinidad has museums, authentic streets, friendly people, music, arts and handicrafts, and street markets.

It is a poor country but well-educated and reasonably healthy. We had no problems. There were touring cyclists and others in rented cars who stopped for a night at our hotel.

Our hotel was not glamorous but the staff were friendly, the rooms were clean, the bougainvillea was beautiful. The entertainment was spirited and talented but not sophisticated, and the food on the buffet was home-style (rice for dinner meant rice salad for lunch!). There were visitors from all over Europe, some Americans, lots of Canadians.

You might consider entering from Canada. Several charter and tour companies offer packages. Try: Many others - Sunquest, Sunflight, Conquest, etc.

For a write-up of my visit, see: You will find other reviews there too. If you are interested in Ancon Beach, you might look for reviews of Brisas Trinidad del Mar. It was being built when we were there and it looks attractive. However, it has more stars than our hotel, the Costasur!

For other reviews, links, see:

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Frances Toronto, Canada