Subject: Greek Islands?
Hi Ziners,

I am already day dreaming of my next trip. Our three weeks in Paris was about three weeks too short! A friend said that if I enjoyed Rome, I should see the Greek Islands so I looked through a website describing the highlights of each island which seemed to be beach, attractive villages, beach, night life and restaurants, beach...

I like attractive villages! But I would like to see significant historic places, objects too. Are the Greek Islands for me? Any particular ones or group? We like to travel reasonably modestly - is it reasonable to take ferries or boats between islands? Should we book a package or short cruise?

I am only at the preliminary searching time. My list includes Rome or just outside it, Venice, Florence, somewhere in France!

We liked Paris because there were so many interesting neighbourhoods and museums to explore, because the exploration can be done on foot with a few Metro and bus trips, because the Bastille / Gare de Lyon area we settled into was great, and I can get by in French, a great confidence booster!

Frances Toronto, Canada