Subject: Re: Toll booths in France or Switzerland

France: Many city motorways are free. On a payable motorway (Peage) you normally pick up a ticket, then pay at the other end. Each booth has an icon + a red / green light. The icon T is for season ticket holders. The CB icon is for credit cards (automatic). The others are manned and will take credit card and cash. Some short stretches have pay baskets, particularly in South of France. On the approach to the UK ferry / tunnel terminals there are special booths for RHD cars. Best to avoid these when travelling alone !

Switzerland: A different system. Foreigners buy a windscreen sticker (Vignette in French speaking areas) at the border. This lasts for 12 months. If you do not intend to be in Switzerland much, you can travel free by using the other roads.

Bon vacance!

Peter Languedoc, France