Subject: Re: What size rental car?

If you intend covering a lot of miles, you will want something bigger with AC. But if it is for local use, you can go smaller.

Renting in France or Switzerland the most likely makes are Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Opel, VW.

The easiest way to gen up on this is to check out the car sites in UK. They have the same model names ( Note Vauxhall = Opel) and speak English !

Try here -

Another good source is -

As a rough indication of model names :

Very Small: Ka, Seicento, Twingo, Lupo, 106

Small: Fiesta, Punto, Clio, Polo, Corsa, Saxo, 206,

Medium: Focus, Stilo, Megane, Golf, Bora, Astra, Xsara, 307

Largish (in Europe !): Mondeo, Marea,Laguna, Passat, Vectra,406

Large: Omega, C5,607

Vans: Galaxy,Multipla, Ulysse, Scenic, Espace, Sharan, Zafira, Picasso, Synergie, 806

Diesel is an advantage for France, less so in Switzerland.

Peter Languedoc, France